Sunday, January 13, 2008

lofty goals

In the car the other day, Logan and I were discussing my job. He was teasing me about cleaning camel poop (he's majorly into the poop is funny stage) so I jokingly asked if he wants to be a zookeeper when he grows up. He very seriously replied "I'm going to work at the gas station."

This brought back memories of my teen years. One day my mom didn't realize my friend Tara was over and in the basement. I don't remember if it was report card day or what, but Mom came into the house hollering about my grades and my need for improvement. She went on for a while and finished with a screaming "Do you want to work at a gas station for the rest of your life?!?" Tara appeared practically bawling with laughter. Tara still occasionally teases me about WORKING AT A GAS STATION!!!

I was terribly curious why Logan was so positive he wanted to work at a gas station. His answer? Brownies. And candy. And slushies. Yeah. Maybe he'll get a discount!

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