Sunday, February 3, 2013

THAT house

I'm trying to be better about updating the blog, but seriously, when there's nothing to write about, there's nothing to write about.  We spent the week working or going to school.  It was very cold.  But wait, wasn't the first part of the week unseasonably warm?  I don't remember back that far because this week we worked and went to school and Friday was cold enough that our hot water line froze.  Gene has since thawed and insulated the pipes and we have showered and washed dishes and appreciated the hot water we normally take for granted.  Otherwise, we pretty much worked and went to school.

This weekend, we all stayed home.  It was too cold for birding or going to the driving range.  I ran a bunch of errands, but I couldn't come up with anything better to do than come on home afterward.  I thought about going to a movie, but when I read the listings I'd never heard of any of them and nothing really stuck out as worth seeing.  I didn't have any work or AAZK obligations.  I cut Logan's hair and Scout's nails.  I paid bills and balanced the checkbook and did lots of laundry and a dozen other boring chores.  Saturday was mostly spent wondering why all of the neighborhood children hang out at our house?

Gene and I aren't the cool, fun parents who drop everything to play with the kids.  We aren't the awesome, understanding parents who the neighborhood kids will come to for advice.  We aren't the screaming, nasty parents that scare the kids.  We are boring and invisible, going about our business and occasionally objecting when things get too loud or messy.  I suppose that one advantage of our house is that EVERYTHING is kid and pet friendly.  We don't have breakable knick-knacks or a formal living room where the pile of the carpet must be vacuumed just so.  We have enough pets that we're not worried about the kids ruining the furniture or the carpet.  We encourage creativity in crafts and cooking as long as you CLEAN UP AFTER YOURSELF.

I remember when Kaylin was one or two I was visiting a friend and marveling at her back yard swimming pool, sand box, playhouse and swing set.  The adjustable basketball hoop out front and the garage full of sports equipment and toys.  I joked that she was living in kiddie paradise.  She immediately replied that she WANTED to be the neighborhood fun house and hangout.  She went on and on about how much she loves having the kids' friends over and when all of the kids are at her house she can keep an eye on them.  We then discussed how instead of spending money on vacations, they spend money hosting parties and making their home as fun as possible so they don't ever want to leave.  As a staunch introvert who loves nothing more than a road trip, I was secretly shocked and appalled.  I immediately vowed to NOT be that house and to take my kids on as many adventures as time and money allowed.

I have upheld my end of the bargain, but the kids keep flocking over.  Saturday I was fed up with the noise and constant commotion and asked 13-year-old Kira "Why our house?"  She replied that our house is the most fun.  We have the best pets (true!) and everyone can run around and play and be noisy.  Her parents like to nap on Saturdays and want silence.  Well, can't you be as loud as you want next door?  The adults are deaf!  She agreed that they could be loud, but they can't run around because the obnoxious dog chases them.  Last time it bit her butt and ripped her jeans.  (Yeah, that dog is pretty awful- I have a chipped tooth to prove it.)  So basically, we're not doing anything right or special, we just don't nap constantly or have a crazy, awful dog.  Sigh.  In the blink of an eye the kids will be grown and out of the house.  I wonder if I'll miss the crazy commotion of all their friends?  Probably not.

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