Saturday, February 16, 2013


My follow-up doctor appointment didn't go as well as I hoped.  I wanted to be taken off all work restrictions and meds, but Doc wants me to stay on both for a while longer.  I don't have another appointment for 6 weeks, so I guess it will be at least that long.  Ugh.  I hate having work restrictions, but I REALLY hate the meds.  My body does not react well to constant NSAIDs.  I'm going to refill my prescription, but I'm only going to take it on work days and I'll probably try "forgetting" sometimes to see if I can live without it. 

I've now been back at work full time for over a month and I feel like I'm back in work shape- meaning I don't feel weak or tire quickly.  I rarely have any heel pain (my major pre-surgical complaint) but my ankle and calf still get stiff quickly and I have pain in my left hip when I walk around a large store with concrete floors.  I don't know what to do about it other than keep up my stretching routine.  Hee hee, I'm constantly singing "What a drag it is getting old."  I try not to think about 20-30+ years down the road because I see myself in a Hoveround scooter, cruising up and down the street picking up litter with my free grabby stick.  Maybe I can wave my stick at the passing cars and holler "Slow down!"

Logan starts flag football today.  He loves football, but doesn't want to play "real" football because he doesn't want to get hurt.  Gene and I were disappointed at first, but after hearing my cousin talk about what a major time commitment JFL is, I'm more than okay with his decision.  Flag football is one hour a week and always indoors at the Y close to our house.  It's fun to watch and the game times can't go over because the next set of teams needs the gym for the next hour.  Today is practice only, with games starting next week.

Between football practice and a Bradley basketball game at 1pm, Gene and Logan will be gone most of the day.  I'm hoping to do something fun with Kaylin (and probably Kira.)  I tease them constantly about taking them to "flute circle" at Forest Park Nature Center.  I'm not sure exactly what flute circle is, but I think some guy who carves Native American flutes comes to sell his flutes and teach people how to play.  I saw it in the paper once, joked about going and Kaylin's reaction was so severely opposed that I have teased her about going ever since.  If that's happening today, we're going for real.  Otherwise we'll probably just go to Barnes and Noble and Sweet CeCe's.

Tiger the morbidly obese cat is sitting between my my arms, trying to block my keyboard.  He's staring deeply into my eyes and giving a sharp meow at intervals to let me know 5am has arrived and it is feeding time.  It's pretty creepy.  He's been on a very strict (and expensive) diet for ~2 years now and hasn't lost any weight.  The vet says he'll never lose weight.  She said we could run expensive tests to confirm he has whatever issue causes this, but it would be a waste of money because nothing will help.  Meanwhile, he's getting a high protein dry food that will hopefully delay the inevitable onset of diabetes.  When Tiger knows it's feeding time, he will literally herd me into the kitchen.  I can't tell you how many times I've absent-mindedly headed back to the bathroom and he has stepped in front of me to herd me into the kitchen and I trip over him like an unexpected cinder block in my path.  Yeah, I broke down and took a break and fed the poor guy.  I think he was so hungry it hurt :)

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