Monday, February 18, 2013


I think my family is very fortunate.  We are all relatively healthy.  Gene and I both have jobs we love.  We can easily afford all of the basics of life and more.  We live within our means and don't have debt other than our car and house payments.  We appreciate what we have and try to teach our kids to do the same. 

I'm definitely not an optimist.  I am not capable of living in a world of bunnies and rainbows where I believe everything is always going to be alright.  I'm also not a pessimist who lives in constant negativity that all will go wrong.  I am a realist who knows that nothing is guaranteed.  We can try our best to eat right and exercise, but that doesn't GUARANTEE good health.  We can work hard and do our best for our employers, but that doesn't GUARANTEE that our jobs will always be there.  My personal way of living is to enjoy what I have today, but not go overboard in my enjoyment so I/my family will not be completely devastated if the worst happens tomorrow.  My point is, at this moment in time I am fully aware of how fortunate I am. 

Saturday morning, Kaylin and I were shopping for groceries at Walmart.  We needed to complete this annoying chore so we could get on with the fun part of our day, which was going to hike and play by the river.  We were finished with our grocery shopping and heading to the check-out when I noticed that the Easter display was being put out on the other side of the store.  Mmmmm, let's go look at the candy!  We headed over and were excitedly looking at the Peeps and the Cadbury Mini Eggs, when a girl in her early twenties walked up and sort of got in my face.  She introduced herself and told me that God had just spoken to her and told her that I could use a blessing.  Does that sound familiar?  Um, familiar?  What is this girl talking about?!  Uh, no.  She then asked if she could pray a prayer of blessing with me.  I was pretty creeped out and told her no, thank you.  She then tried to hand me a $15 Walmart gift card as proof of God's blessing for me.  I politely refused the card and she got annoyed and almost angry, insisting I take this blessing from God.  I then felt forced to explain to her that I absolutely DID NOT NEED $15 and would she please give the card to SOMEONE ELSE who could really appreciate it and use it?!  She stormed off, completely annoyed, and Kaylin and I stood in shock of what had just happened.

I stood there shocked and offended, trying to think how to explain this to my young daughter.  I mean, this girl was trying to do a good deed, but it was obvious (to us) that she had gotten it wrong and then went about her task in a very wrong way.  Why would this girl choose a mother and daughter with a full cart of groceries, who were happily chattering about Easter candy as her target to bless?  I then noticed what we were wearing.  Wow.  We were dressed for going to the muddy, cold river.  We were wearing several layers of old clothes.  Kaylin was especially poorly dressed and I hadn't given it a thought because we were just going to Walmart.  (Hahaha, I'll have to check to see if we made the People of Walmart website!)  We laughed and laughed about our hobo outfits and as we moved toward the check-out, I noticed our girl scoping out her next blessing victim.  I wonder if she is complaining to her friends (or blogging) about the crazy woman who refused her blessing when it was soooooo obvious she needed it?  How my evil pride got in the way of doing good for my daughter?  She was certainly shocked at my refusal of the gift card.

I feel bad about our encounter and wonder what I should have done differently?  Looking back, I wish I had re-approached her and explained that we were dressed for playing outside in the mud and not for a day of shopping.  I don't feel bad at all for not taking the gift card, but I do wish I would not have made her feel bad- even though it was unintentional.  I guess this was about 2 minutes of time and I didn't have time to think about or process anything until we were long gone from Walmart.  She judged a book by its cover and made a poor judgment.  I'm just glad we mostly stuck to the grocery aisles because I bet there were several more in her group and we could have been approached multiple times!  I guess I'll be more aware of how I dress for Walmart from now on!  :)

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