Saturday, June 9, 2012

More Scout

I've been too busy playing with Scout to write about him.  He is turning out to be an excellent dog.  Scout has been great with the kids and all their friends who have been over.  He's not completely housebroken, but he's doing better every day.  Poor doggie got bordetella (kennel cough) from the shelter and while I've only heard him cough once or twice, he's sneezing a lot and sprays snot everywhere.  Gross, but he can't help it.  Otherwise, you'd never know he's sick; he's eating well and playing like a maniac.  I'm sure he'll catch on soon, but right now he's the easiest dog I've ever medicated.  I could probably just give him a plain pill and he'd eat it.  One really weird thing he does is sniff around the back yard for hours at a time.  He just sniffs and sniffs and sniffs.  It's completely shocking that I'd get another OCD dog :)

As far as the other pets, Scout pretty much ignores Tiger the cat.  Tiger is WAY bigger than him and Scout pretends Tiger doesn't exist.  Tiger was pretty unfazed by the teensy dog.  Willow was terrified and spent two days in the garage before figuring out that Scout doesn't care about her.  She still runs from him sometimes and he chases her until she turns around.  At first I was terrified Scout was going to tear apart the rats' cage and kill them.  I moved the cage to another room and he now leaves them alone most of the time.

Otherwise, he's cuddly and wonderful.  He likes riding in the car and playing fetch.  We took him to Logan's baseball game today and he either snooped around in the grass or curled up in one of our laps.  I am so happy and relieved to have a dog again.  We were only without a dog for a few weeks, but I couldn't stand it.  Scout is the perfect addition to our family.

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