Monday, June 11, 2012

Ancient History

One thing that annoys me about the kids' day camp is that they are constantly required to bring a small amount of cash.  I don't mind at all that they need money for a wiener roast or for popcorn at the movies, I just never carry cash anymore and end up rummaging for change or making an emergency ATM stop.  I always try to remember to get some cash over my weekend, but it never seems to work out.

One day last week, each of the kids needed $2 for lunch.  I had two ones I gave to Logan and told Kaylin to go dig two dollars in quarters out of my change jar.  As we were driving to camp, Kaylin realized she had accidentally grabbed a nickel instead of a quarter.  I always have some change in my car so it was no big deal.  Then she was looking closely at the nickel and realized it was from (gasp! wait for it!) 1959.  She was astounded that a nickel that OLD could still be in circulation.  She just went on and on about that old, old nickel.  (In case you're not a coin collector, yes, it looks like every other nickel through 20whatever when they started whatever they're doing with the new nickels- it's not buffalo head or anything.)  Logan asked to see it and he, too, was amazed.  Kaylin talked about how she was going to write her Young Authors book next year about the nickel and from the point of view of the nickel and how many people had spent it, etc.  I just giggled and felt old.  That night Kaylin's friend came over, saw the nickel and her response was "WHOA!!!"

Yep.  That is one old nickel!

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