Saturday, July 23, 2011

Summer winding down?

Baseball season is over. Or as the puke-a-riffic White Sox announcer Ken Harrelson would say, "Ova." Next year Logan will move from the Coach Pitch league to the Minors. His coach approached Gene today and told him he wants to work with Logan and a few of the other boys during the off season. I think that would be awesome. Coach wants to work with the better, more serious boys on pitching. Hooray! I hope he actually does. I'll have to remember this final season of Coach Pitch as the year Logan was the best on his team. It was pretty cool and he loved every second of it.

I'm pretty sure we finally caught the last of the baby raccoons. There ended up being 6 babies and mom. The morning we caught mom I had to be at work at 7am and have the kids at camp before that. I didn't have time to don my Carhartts and dispose of the nasty thing. That decision came with a huge price tag! Gene called Critter Control and they charged us $158 to come pick up and dispose of an already trapped raccoon! I will NEVER deal with them again unless we have a grizzly bear inside the house! What a rip-off! The final two baby raccoons took a full week to catch. They kept springing the trap and managing to get all the food inside, but continued to escape. Hilariously, they started using the cat box in the garage. Um... I guess that was pretty nice of them :) I'm just glad they're finally gone and we can leave the dog door open at night. I had an AWFUL couple of weeks having to get up every night to let Duncan out. If I wake up after about 1am, I'm usually up for the day. I was pretty sleep deprived.

I finally saw Harry Potter and loved it! I thought it was the most true to the book movie of them all. I could have happily lived without the 3D flaking off of dying Voldemort's skin, but otherwise it was pretty awesome.

Kaylin has one more week of ceramics class and then our extra summer activities are over. School starts in just over 4 weeks! I'm as tired of the extreme heat as everyone else, but the summer is going too fast. The kids are having a blast at day camp and always dread the transition from carefree days full of friends and fun to structured days of boring schoolwork. Kaylin talks about camp all year long. Next year is technically the last year of camp for Kaylin, but she (right now at least) wants to be a junior counsellor until she's old enough to get a real job. I hope she does! I don't know how my kids could have a more fun summer than they do at this camp. Every day is filled with friends, sports, swimming, fishing, games, field trips, movies and other activities. It's probably as close to an old fashioned childhood as a kid can get these days!

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