Thursday, July 7, 2011

Back Home

The kids were tired of swimming and MagiQuest so we stuffed ourselves at the breakfast buffet and went to the arcade one last time. We then headed into town and went to the Wisconsin Deer Park. I have no idea what possessed me to want to go there, but we had a blast! It was such a dumb place, but we were just surrounded by deer begging for crackers. It was so ridiculous we laughed the whole time we were there. They also had 3 pink piglets and a bunch of those chickens that have a puff ball of feathers on their heads. They actually had a wide variety of other animals, including deer from around the world, bison, emus, rhea, lemurs, goats and rabbits. It was a fun end to what turned out to be a really fun vacation.

We headed out of town around 11:30 and drove straight home. The kids came with me to pick up Duncan and I think we may have spent an hour playing with a litter of adorable kittens before we even approached the counter to pay and retrieve the dog. Kaylin is begging and begging for an adorable orange tabby with white paws. Its name is "Socks" and she wants to change it to "Sox" so Gene will love it. I have to admit that I've always wanted an orange tabby. I might cave on this... Must. Remain. Strong. We did eventually get the dog and he was thrilled to see us. As was Tiger-cat.

Logan made it to his baseball game and made an amazing catch, aided in almost every out and hit the only homer of the game. One of the parents from the other team remarked "Whoa, they have a ringer!" Indeedy.

Today I did some laundry and spent 5 hours cleaning Logan's room. Ugh. I wanted to do both kids' rooms today, but if Logan's took 5, Kaylin's will take 10 or more. Such a depressing waste of my final vacation days :(

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