Friday, February 18, 2011

Yay, the snow is gone!

Duncan is doing very well this week. He has been LOVING running around the back yard. Our idiot neighbor dog barks and Duncan tears along the fenceline, back and forth until he bores of "chasing" Timon. I haven't seen it yet, but Kaylin claims he loves going down the slide on the swingset. He now knows "sit" but is having a rough time with "down." I'm planning to sign him up for an obedience class that's a prerequisite for a beginning agility class. Agility is the doggy obstacle course race for time. I think he could be fantastic. He certainly loves to jump and climb and I doubt he would fear the tunnels or ramps. I've always thought agility looked like a blast but never had the right dog. Duncan may be the right dog!

Logan will be starting flag football this weekend. He's disappointed because he wants to play REAL football. We convinced him real football doesn't start until the end of summer and this will hopefully help him with some basic rules and skills. It's also a perfect league for us because it's only one day a week for about an hour. The first two Saturdays are practices to learn the basics and the next 6 weeks are games. Their uniforms are NFL replica jerseys so that should be fun. Gene and Logan play almost nightly football games in the living room so I'm glad Logan can play on a team.

Kaylin has a major case of spring fever. She is sick to death of school and just wants to go on vacation. Spring Break is the first week of April. Gene and I both have it off work and plan to do something, but I don't know what. We don't want to plan anything too big because if the Cat union workers are out on strike Gene will have to work. I imagine we'll end up driving somewhere for a few days. I'd like to go to Atlanta, but we'll probably end up in St. Louis.

Meanwhile, I'm planning a whirlwind Florida roadtrip with a couple of my coworkers. We begged and pleaded and talked our new boss into giving three of us five days off together to go visit a former coworker and her new baby giraffe in Jacksonville. We hope to stop at Nashville Zoo and Georgia Aquarium on the way down and spend two days in Jacksonville before a marathon drive home and work the next day. Ugh about work the next day, but the trip should be a blast! It'll be in mid-March so only a few weeks away!

My feet are ok and I will be fine with walking around a few zoos, but I wish they were completely better. I don't want to run, but I'd like to be able to walk and bike for exercise. I want to be able to run an agility course with Duncan. I'm sort of back on my old course of coming home from work, showering and plopping in my chair the rest of the evening because my feet hurt too much to do anything else. Also, I'm still somewhat restricted at work and staying off uneven surfaces. I just want to be able to clean the poop off of the lion hill without thinking about it or having to ask my relief to do it on my days off! Stupid feet.

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