Tuesday, February 22, 2011


I've never particularly cared about hair. I've had the same hair style for the past 25+ years and imagine it won't change much if I live another 50 years. I give my own hair almost no thought other than the occasional glance in the rearview mirror that reveals it's long past time to cover my gray. I probably wouldn't even bother with coloring it if it weren't for those pesky brats at Latchkey who ask if I'm Logan's mom or grandma?

I always figured one parenthood battle I'd never take on was hair. I mean, what could be less permanent? A Mohawk or purple spikes are much better than regrettable tattoos or multiple facial piercings. If my kids want to express themselves with their hair, more power to 'em. Or so I thought...

Kaylin has extremely thick hair that tangles and mats easily. It's also very fine and frizzy. And it turns out she cares about as much about hair as I do. Her hair has been barely shoulder length for years. I nag and remind her constantly to brush it. No, that's not good enough, you have to actually brush out the tangles! I would NEVER even mention your hair if you would brush it right to begin with! This is our every morning battle. One of two things I continuously nag her about. (The other being the messes she makes in the kitchen and doesn't clean up.) The problem is, she's right- she can brush her hair smooth, perfectly untangled and shiny and it looks like crap in 5 minutes. I've begged for help from hair stylists. I've spent $$$ on special conditioners. I've researched online...

Yesterday Gene left work early. Kaylin begged him to take her for a haircut. Her hair is now almost as short as mine and she apparently wanted it even shorter but Gene said no. I am glad he took her and not me! Wow. It is so short! I was running my fingers through what's left and it is sooooo thick. I can't believe she can even get a brush or comb through it! I still haven't seen it dry because it was wet when she got home and then she took a shower. I imagine it will be a fuzzy little frizzball :) I teased her that in a year or two when she hits puberty her hair will curl just like mine (and it probably will) and we can have identical cuts! She rolled her eyes and didn't comment.

So Mom, you've been warned! Kaylin's hair is SHORT.

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