Thursday, February 10, 2011

More Duncan

Duncan came home Tuesday afternoon. I was hoping to beat Kaylin home, but I arrived about 5 minutes too late. She was back in her bedroom changing clothes and all I could think about was surprising her. I snuck in the house and let Duncan out of his crate. Whoops! I totally forgot about Tiger! Duncan's first greeting in his new home was a puffed-up, hissing fatcat. A cat he was more than happy to chase back and forth, the length of the house, over and over again while Kaylin and I doubled over with laughter. Well, there goes my carefully thought out introduction between pets... Tiger isn't thrilled with the new addition, but he's coming around. Hopefully Duncan will force Tiger to exercise and lose some weight.

Duncan made himself right at home and immediately explored everything and just seemed very comfortable in his new surroundings. There was no slinking off and hiding or whining in fear- he was happy and confident and thrilled with his new toys. At 3:30 we took him to pick up Logan. He jumped right in the car and enjoyed the ride. Gene came home around 5 and Duncan went rigid at the sight of the van pulling into the driveway. I was all "Ooh, I bet he's finally going to bark!" I had been fearing his bark. I was expecting a high-pitched yip yip, but as Gene came to the door in his Arctic explorer parka, I was thrilled to hear a deep, growly ruff. Duncan cowered as Gene entered the house in his huge coat, but he didn't pee in submission and after about 20 seconds of Gene comforting him, Duncan was fine. So far, that's the only time I've seen him afraid.

As I expected, Duncan is not housebroken. He has been very good about peeing nearly every time he's taken outside. He has no qualms, however, about hiking his leg on the hideous old couch Tiger likes to scratch on. I suppose this will finally give us the motivation to get rid of the thing :) We tried to let him into the backyard, but the snow is too deep and he'll only stay out for a few seconds. The front walkway is completely disgusting right now because it's dug out with high walls (for Duncan, anyway) on either side perfect for hiking his leg on. It's completely dappled with yellow pee spots. I should take a picture to commemorate housebreaking a dog after the major snowstorm!

Otherwise, he is sweet as can be. He is currently curled in a ball on the footrest of my recliner. He sleeps nicely in our bed. He snuggles with me. Duncan also can be a bratty terror. He is high energy. Kaylin didn't quite understand the concept of NEEDING to play with him following his day in the crate while we were at work/school. She wanted to kick back on the couch and Duncan wanted to PLAY! Things should be much better when he can be let into the backyard to tear around, but right now he needs to be actively entertained until he wears out. So far he has destroyed a pencil and some cardboard packaging, but both happened while he wasn't being directly observed. I think once a routine is in place and he has learned some basic manners he'll be an excellent dog. I know I'm in love :)

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