Friday, July 9, 2010

Our week, whoooo

It was a tough, depressing week and I'm glad it's over. I'm spending today resting and napping with the cats. Tiger made my morning. I brushed him and trimmed his claws and instead of taking offense and shunning me the rest of the day, he curled up in my lap and joined me for a nice, long rest. It wasn't quite a nap because every time I dozed off and stopped petting, Tiger gently bit my hand until I resumed petting. That went on for a good hour until I decided to take a real nap in bed. It was another failure at actual sleep because Simon insisted on sleeping on my head and whacked me with his paw every time I changed positions and disrupted his napping. Still, I can't complain about cat love! They usually do their own thing and ignore me completely. No sleep, but kitty therapy has to be one of the most relaxing, healing things in the world.

Kaylin got a tent for her birthday. Gene put it up in the backyard and Kaylin slept in it all night by herself. Well, she did have Sadie with her. She took out blankets and pillows, a clock, flashlight and Harry Potter 5. The kid who has to leave her closet light on all night slept outside with only the dog. The weenie, wussy dog. She did come running inside around 2am, but it was only to use the bathroom and she went right back out. I snuck out early in the morning and wished I could have gotten a picture of Kaylin and Sadie cuddled up together in a little ball. Adorable! I think she would have slept out there every night this week if it hadn't kept raining.

Logan has taken a huge interest in baseball. If the Sox aren't on, he watches the Cubs. He's really into learning the rules of the game. He constantly wants to play catch or have batting practice. If he can't get anyone to play with him, he plays by himself. He's loving coach pitch ball and looks forward to all the practices and games. The only drawback to his baseball obsession is that I almost never get to watch anything on the living room tv anymore because baseball is on every night.

Swimming lessons started last night. The kids are in different levels, but are in the same class. The class is huge, at least 12 kids, and seems like such a waste of time. I think they went out twice apiece last night. I insisted they take lessons to learn to swim well. The lessons I took as a kid involved swimming laps and laps and laps. We had to swim a mile to pass our final level. Kaylin is IN the final level and she is paddling about 15 feet with a kick board and coming back to the side. These lessons are free for me, but if I was paying I would be ticked! Both kids can tread water, swim under water and dog paddle. I suppose they could swim to save their lives if they fell off a deck 15 feet from the side of the water! Oh well, at least Logan is older and no longer drinking half the pool and vomiting repeatedly all over the pool deck. He learned THAT lesson well!

I got lucky at jury duty this week. I went in at 10am, sat until 11:30, was dismissed for lunch until 1pm and then got called 27th out of 29 people to "try out" for a traffic court case. The guy just ahead of me in line was FINALLY chosen as the alternate at 4:30. The two other people and I were sent back to the check-in room for further instruction. We joked the whole way back about how we'd probably spend the next 3 days doing the same routine, but when we got back we were dismissed for the week! We didn't have to call in or anything, just done!

Well, I think I'll flip laundry and go take a real nap for a while. I still have a few hours before camp is over. Yawn.

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