Saturday, July 24, 2010

New (to me) car

Today was Logan's final baseball game of the season. Following a morning of heavy rain and thunder, the sun came out and the game was on. The infield was too muddy so they played in the grass instead. Logan had three at bats and three hits. He's been practicing constantly and has improved a LOT over the season. After the game, the team went to Double A's Pizza to celebrate the season. Both kids had a wonderful time.

On the way home we decided to cruise through the Green Chevrolet lot and check out a couple of cars. It was more about checking what was on the lot than any real thought of buying anything today. We stopped to check out a Toyota and a salesman was on us before we even got out of the van. We took a test drive and I decided to go for it. I hate shopping for cars. I didn't even want to think about shopping around and driving other cars. Sheesh. I was looking for a used economy car. This one had windows that rolled down, a radio and it started. Its two bonuses were the Toyota brand and the dark gray color. Oh, and Gene had been looking online and THIS car was the reason we stopped by Green's in the first place. Four hours later we drove it home. It took FOREVER because one of the two finance guys went home sick and the other was WAY backed up. I feel like I blew my entire afternoon off sitting in the waiting room, but hopefully I won't have to buy another car for 10 years.

The kids actually enjoyed the experience. They got free soda and popcorn and even free hot chocolate. They were thrilled about drinking hot chocolate on an unbearably hot and humid July afternoon. They used the free online access, raced each other on wheeled chairs, used the bathroom 100 times and played with the balloons that were tied all over the place. They want to go back. I do not.

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