Thursday, July 15, 2010


I need to write this while I'm thinking about it because these "good old days" are likely almost over. Logan's getting better, but he's still not the World's Best Reader. Therefore, he's still mishearing (is that a word?) words and using them incorrectly in everyday conversation. Kaylin then picks up on his mistakes and throws them back in his face resulting in many angry fights in the car.


Logan: I'm betchioning there will be road construction on Knoxvittle so we should go through the Heights instead.

Kaylin: (In an incredibly snotty voice) Oh, you're BETCHIONING KnoxVITTLE is busy, huh?

Logan: Oh, for Peep's steak, Kaylin!!!

Susy: laughing so hard she should probably pull off the road rather than try to keep driving. Then laughing even harder when Logan insistently bellows that "Peep's steak" came from Grandma and Kaylin questions who Peep is and why we're talking about his steak?

I know by laughing I'm encouraging horrible behavior from my daughter, but that particular exchange was so funny I couldn't help myself. Plus, I reminded Kaylin of some of her past misunderstandings, the only ones I could think of at the moment being "instersting" instead of interesting and "Inconsin Dells." Logan got his laugh in and Kaylin's superiority dropped a couple of notches.

We've been trying to get Logan to say "Knoxville" for years now. When he was really little he loved pointing out all the hospitals on Knoxville. I think the two combined in his brain and even though I constantly make him look at and read the street signs, Knoxville is still Knoxvittle. I'm sure he'll get it right soon and I'll miss hearing Knoxvittle terribly...

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