Friday, June 11, 2010

Summer Camp

I've been quite a blog slacker the past several weeks! This week was filled with transitioning from school to day camp. Logan was beyond thrilled to find that his favorite camp counselor from last year, Jimmy, is back! Logan loved Jimmy so much last year that Jimmy "almost" convinced Logan to be a Cubs fan rather than a White Sox fan. Gene might have had to get violent! Or sent Logan to live with Ben :)

Kaylin spent most of the school year whining for me to quit my job solely so she could sleep in later on school mornings. Suddenly she's up and happily dressed, sunblocked, hair brushed, shoes on, teeth brushed, bag packed and in the car five minutes or more before our required leaving time of 7:25am. The exact time she dragged herself to the car for school carrying her breakfast and hair brush. The girl loves camp! This is her 5th year and it isn't getting old. The first week is always the least exciting, but they still went to two movies and one water park. Next week they're scheduled to go to the Riverplex and Splashdown to swim and the Riverfront fountain to play.

Logan started coach pitch baseball this week. His coach takes his job SERIOUSLY. They practiced twice this week and had warm-up exercises with jumping jacks, push-ups and base running. They practiced hitting and batting. I'm thrilled because it seems like this guy will actually teach them to play the game. Tee ball was adorable and hilarious, but I think Logan's ready to learn the rules of baseball. The coach told the boys at Thursday's practice that Saturday would be their first game. He was mistaken and it's actually a practice. Coach left like a 5 minute message on our answering machine, apologizing for his mistake and making sure the boys all know it's only a practice so they're not too disappointed.

Work's been a crazy blur, keeping up with regular work and neverending weeds. The piglets are two months old now and are getting huge. They are going into the yard with the other hogs and it's incredibly cute. Everyone should come and see them! I have two more weeks of work before our summer vacation to Ohio. We're going back to The Wilds where I did rhino training in February so I can see the place up and running and without 3 feet of snow on the ground. I'm really excited! We're also planning to do a bunch of stuff in the Cincinatti area and will hopefully stay at the Great Wolf Lodge on or around Kaylin's birthday. She wants to spend an entire day at MagiQuest. (Yawn, lol.) Of course, I want to go to The Wilds, Cincinatti Zoo, Newport Aquarium and Indy Zoo. Hee hee, is that sooo much to ask? At least if I go to Indy Zoo (to visit a friend who works with their new cheetahs) Gene and the kids will likely go to the Children's Museum instead.

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