Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Popcorn Rules

In most situations, Kaylin is well-behaved. She has a tendency to get exuberantly happy and loud when excited, but usually follows rules. She's never been one of the disruptive kids at school. Kaylin's not a daredevil and is careful with knives and stoves and fire and watching for cars while she's playing. However, Kaylin's no little miss priss. She questions authority when she needs to and has always had her own way of doing things. My point is that she doesn't go out of her way to make trouble. That's why we were so surprised to learn of her persistent rule-breaking in one crucial area- microwave popcorn.

I had to work a fundraiser event for a few hours last night and got home around 9pm, tired and hungry. I had a bunch of little tasks to complete so opted for quick and easy microwave popcorn. Kaylin smelled the popcorn and by the time she asked for some, I had already eaten most of it and was tossing the rest to the dog. She made her own bag. It was while she was giving it a moment to cool that we learned about (dum dum dummmmmm) The Popcorn Rules.

There are six Popcorn Rules and she failed to follow five of them! Rule number one is Do Not Use Popcorn Button. Whoops. Rule two is to place bag "this side up." Hurray! She managed that one. Rule three is Set Cooking Time For 1 Minute 45 Seconds. Obviously, she used the popcorn button! Rule four is Don't Leave Microwave Unattended. Whoops. Rule five is Open Bag Carefully Away From Face. She ripped that thing right open and sniffed the steam! And finally rule six- Children Should Not Prepare or Handle. Hmmmmm.

I teased her that in the microwave popcorn making arena she is a persistent rule breaker and that surely one day the Popcorn Police will show up to take her to Popcorn Prison. Logan immediately corrected me- Popcorn Juvy.

Sigh. Yet another parenting failure...

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