Tuesday, May 11, 2010

More of the same

Sunday morning I woke up and ran around getting ready for work. It was just about time to leave and I sat down to put on my boot. But it felt ridiculous to put it back on after going the whole weekend with it off! My foot felt fine and I just couldn't put the stupid thing on. I took it with me just in case I needed it, but I really didn't. Monday I didn't work. Tuesday I didn't wear the boot. Wednesday I worked a different "string" that involved different surfaces and I wore the boot part of the day. Thursday I wore it most of the day because I was expecting a large delivery of grain (50# bags of rhino chow) that I knew I couldn't/shouldn't unload without the boot. The delivery never came. It's Friday morning and both of my feet hurt! I started the week thinking I may never wear the thing again and ended the week realizing I will probably have to keep it around a while. AHHHHHHHHH!!! So frustrating...

I used Mother's Day as an excuse to get myself some of the new Playmobil African safari sets. They are COOL! Some of the new animals are water buffalo, gazelles, flamingos, wart hogs, ostriches and hyenas. The base of each set is part of a river and they all connect to form one large river. Obviously, I'll have to buy them all :) I like to build the sets and look at them. Fortunately, the kids actually like to play with them and Kaylin especially has been playing nonstop with the animals.

The kids have had a busy week. With the school year wrapping up, they have a lot more activities and a lot less actual work. They've been spending the car ride home arguing over who had to do the least amount of work during the day and who has the least amount of homework. Kaylin got to go on a field trip to the skating rink for several hours yesterday. Logan is going to the Riverplex today. Kaylin's going to tour Lindbergh (her new middle school) today. I finally got my summer vacation request approved so I will be signing both kids up for camp and swimming lessons and signing Logan up for baseball today. Ugh. There will be two weeks this summer when Logan will have camp daily, baseball Monday, Wednesday and Saturday and swimming lessons Tuesday and Thursday. That's too much activity (for me anyway) but he wants to play ball and needs to learn to swim better.

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