Saturday, May 1, 2010

May Day

What happened to April? It flew by! May will probably fly by as well. It's full of all kinds of end of the year events at the kids' school. We also are planning a couple of days in Chicago for a White Sox game. It's a special event for the people who bought World Series bricks. We got cheap tickets, free parking, free food and get to go down on the field for a parade before the game. Gene's VERY excited. Logan and I are VERY excited to go back to the Lego Store on Michigan Avenue. Kaylin's going to be furious about missing her final Field Day at school to go on this trip. I haven't broken that news yet...

A few days ago Kaylin got a letter from Roosevelt (the arts school) that she passed their admission test and had an audition scheduled to secure a place. This was all news to me! I didn't know about any test and the word "audition" freaked me out! This wasn't something I had considered or thought about. Kaylin was freakishly excited. It turned out they took some test in music class and then had a field trip I knew nothing about to the school. I googled information about the school and then wrote an email to her music teacher. The teacher wrote back that the school would be a great fit for Kaylin, no doubt, but that she only knew of one other family from Kaylin's school who sent a child there and it was only for one year because the transportation was such a pain. It turns out this school is about as far from us as possible and they do not provide bus transportation. Yeah. That seals the deal. Assuming they have a latchkey program similar to Kellar's, I would have to drive waaaaay across town during rush hour (yes, I know that's a hyperbolic term for Peoria) and then somehow still manage to pick up Logan at Kellar before 6pm. That "might" be possible if I pulled out of work right at 5, but I'm often there until at least 5:15 or even 5:30. It would be impossible to pick up both kids before 6. If Gene ever had to pick her up it would probably take him at least 45 minutes to drive there from work. Not going to happen. She's bummed and I'm bummed because I think an "arts school" would probably have teachers who aren't dreadfully opposed to doodling, imagination and different ways of seeing things.

Sadie's calming down some (yes, she is!) and has been whining much less. Maybe her extreme whining was because she was uncomfortable from her surgery? I have no idea. My parents and Andy came over last night and she was jumping on them and way too excited in general. Some of that will obviously require time and more exposure to visitors. We'll keep working.

I'm still wearing the cast most of the day at work, but removing it in the late afternoon when I have nothing too strenuous left. The doc wanted me to switch between wearing work boots and tennis shoes at home at night, but I don't really walk enough after work to justify shoe changes. I took it upon myself to change at work. Now I don't have to spend 10 minutes drying the cast with a hair dryer, I just take it off and put on my work boot instead. Then when I get home I change to tennis shoes. My foot is feeling a little better, but is still really weak. I go back to the doc on Monday and assume I'll have at least another week of part days with the cast.

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