Friday, May 7, 2010

The beginning of the end (I hope...)

The end of wearing my cast, that is. At Monday's doctor appointment I was given permission to start taking the cast off at lunchtime. I'm still not supposed to bend and squat in weird ways with the cast off, but man, it's GREAT to get that thing off! I was hoping to be allowed to weed the lion hill and clean zebra drains with no cast, but I gave those examples specifically and the doc said I should wait until my foot and ankle strength has returned. The first few days were really painful. By the end of the day I felt like a little old lady slowly hobbling to my car. Interestingly, it was my left leg and foot that hurt more. I guess walking weird and overcompensating with my left leg for 10 weeks and then suddenly walking "normally" messed me up. I was also having some back pain earlier in the week. By Thursday I was feeling pretty good. The weakness in my right foot is slowly fading. The doc said he couldn't give me a timeframe or a final day, I just need to use my head and slowly work my way out of the thing without causing myself other injury. He called it cast disease. Oooooh, the agony! Weep for me and my cast disease.

It's now been a full year that plantar fasciitis has basically ruled my life. How stupid! I look at myself and feel like an idiot, but at the same time I really did everything I could do. I stretched, iced, heated, taped, ALWAYS wore my orthotics. I went to the doctor countless times. I will NEVER EVER wear rubber knee boots again EVER! I imagine I'll have to have orthotics and do stretches and wear a night splint for the rest of my life. I'm sure plantar fasciitis will plague me over and over. However, I hope it never gets this bad again!
Kaylin's drama club performance was this week. I have to give kudos to that drama teacher! I honestly don't know how she pulled it off! I've seen the drama club perform at the book fair in March and arts night last week. To put it kindly, they STUNK! Half the kids didn't know the words to the songs and most didn't know the choreography. A week ago, they were painful to watch. Somehow it all came together and the show itself was pretty good! Kaylin was crazy-excited. Not only did Pawpaw and Grandma come, but also UNCLE ANDY!!! The performance was at Richwoods High School and the kids got to use the set from Richwoods' recent musical. Even Logan had a good time. Well, at least a good time climbing all over the set after the show was over.

I guess I should enroll Kaylin in a dance class. I never really gave it any thought, but if she wants to continue in drama she'll likely need some dance. Duh.

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