Saturday, March 13, 2010

Spelling champ

Logan passed his spelling test! He even got an A! He misspelled "draw," spelling it d-r-i-e. Um... Seriously, he must have spelled draw correctly 100 times throughout the week. Oh well. His teacher didn't even recognize which word he misspelled, mistaking it for "dry." I was surprised she didn't mark his actual "dry" wrong since the y looked more like an x. I suppose she took pity on him since it was by far his best spelling test in ages. He practiced just as much the week before and missed 5 of 12 words.

I had just come from Wal-Mart before picking the kids up and bought Logan a much needed new pair of school uniform pants. Mind you, the pants were NEEDED due to holey knees and high water length on his old pants, but WANTED? I think not! I suppose they weren't exactly UNwanted since Logan was the one complaining about the ripped-out knee of the pants he was wearing, but sort of on the same excitement level as the shampoo and bread I also bought.

Anyway, as I admitted in the previous post, we had a large (expensive) Lego bribe riding on this test. However, it was for 100% and he missed a word. There was no way I was going through with the original reward, but I wanted to do something to keep him on track and excited about doing well on his spelling tests. We were pulling out of the school lot as he was telling me about his test. I had the bag with the pants on the seat next to me so I grabbed them and said "Great job! I got you a new pair of pants as your reward!" and flung the pants into his lap. I was kidding, of course, but Logan and Kaylin started laughing wildly at his lame-o prize. By the time we got home Logan was quite proud of his prize pants. I had been thinking of maybe going out for ice cream or something to celebrate his spelling A, but he was plenty satisfied with the pants. Sometimes my terrible sense of humor pays off :) Logan needs some new socks. Maybe next week I'll have the socks with me "just in case" he does well on his next spelling test!

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