Friday, March 5, 2010

Break stuff

Sigh. I'm soooooooooooooooo incredibly sick of wearing this stupid cast! Early in my work week I thought about burning it in a bonfire when I'm done with it. By Thursday (my Friday) I was having fantasies about taking it to the shooting range, blowing it apart with bullets and then literally blowing the remains up with some kind of explosive. Maybe I can firebomb it with a big ole can of White Rain hairspray.

This morning I went to a medical supply store and a sporting goods store hoping to find something to waterproof the cast while I'm working. I've used garbage bags all week and they work ok until I kneel to clean out drains. The water that pools in the bottom of the bag then soaks into the "open" toe area and drenches my foot. I've spent some time in the bathroom drying my sock and my cast parts with the hand dryer. The hand dryer works pretty well, but I'd like a better option. The medical supply store had a $15 plastic bag that "might" last an entire day and the sports store had a waterproof bag meant for kayaking but the clerk said it would probably wear through very quickly, especially for the $30 price tag. My next stop will be the hardware store. Maybe they'll have some ideas. Or not...

Despite the cast, it was a great week working with rhinos. I used some of the things I learned in Ohio and the rhinos are (mostly) no longer pooping in their water tubs. That was the grossest, biggest pain to net 50+ pounds of poo out of EACH tub, then hose out the tub and bail the remaining water with a shovel. Not to mention the poor rhinos not having fresh water while there was poop in the tubs. Nasty! We also started putting the boys outside together after being stuck in the barn for several weeks. The weather's been fantastic. The animals have been happy to get outside and run around a little.

The kids have also been thrilled about the warmer weather and the longer days. Logan's been riding his bike every night. Kaylin had state tests all week so had no homework. They got to play outside every night after latchkey. I imagine it will be tough to get Kaylin inside to do homework in the next few weeks. Or probably the rest of the year.

Logan is having major issues with spelling. It's weird because Gene, Kaylin and I have always been natural spellers so I've never given a thought to having trouble with spelling. He is clueless about vowel sounds. Or if he does get them, he can't memorize that f-u-r is fur, rather than fir or fer. We practice and practice and practice. He just doesn't grasp it. I hope he'll be better as he becomes a better reader, but he is so uninterested in reading I don't know when that will be :)

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