Friday, September 25, 2009

What a week! It was a good one, but I'm glad it's my weekend. Even if I do have to work a few hours tonight for an after-hours event...

Monday was the Jack Hanna fundraiser at the zoo. Jack first did a meet and greet "wine and cheese" event in the zoo's Lodge. I mostly stood outside and talked to people about the lions, zebras and rhinos. It was interesting because I considered the early event to be an exclusive party with our upper-class donors and their friends. Tickets were pricey and let's just say I would never have paid for the privilege of meeting Jack Hanna in this setting. One of the people I talked to was single and worked at a local pharmacy. She was excitedly clutching her freshly autographed copy of Jack Hanna's book and was eager for the "insider information" I was providing about the lions. She couldn't wait to go to work in the morning and tell "the girls" all the stuff she learned about the lions. I like to imagine "the girls" as a couple of 19-year-olds forced to listen to a week's worth of zoo and Jack Hanna stories while they're stocking the make-up aisle, silently pleading for five o'clock and their respite from the Crazy Cat Woman :) But seriously, she was so much fun to talk to and really seemed pleased with the value of her $125 ticket.

At 6:30, Jack Hanna did an animal show at the Glen Oak Park amphitheater. It was hilarious and entertaining. He brought out a young cheetah, a clouded leopard cub and a snow leopard cub. Yeah, the cats are my favorite, but he had many other great animals including a penguin, a tiny miniature horse, a sloth that was walked around the audience hanging off a large branch and many, many others. The show lasted nearly two hours and I didn't stop laughing the entire time. I really wished Gene and the kids could have come! Anyway, there were a lot of people and it was a fun and successful event.

Wednesday was Gene's birthday. He wanted a steak dinner so we went to the place (Longhorn?) by the new mall. The kids were really excited because usually the nicest restaurant we take them is Applebee's. (Yeah, I won't even pretend the chain steakhouse is "nice" but for us it's about as high-class as it gets :) Anyway, Gene got his steak that he proclaimed excellent, I got delicious parmesan encrusted chicken breasts with a fantastic sweet potato side (I just don't like steak) and the kids... Kaylin got Kraft macaroni and cheese and Logan got grilled cheese. Wow guys, way to branch out! Kaylin claimed the Kraft macaroni and cheese was even better than the Kraft macaroni and cheese at Applebee's and Logan thought his grilled cheese was the best ever. Everyone left full and happy.

We then went to that place, it starts with a "g"... Ack! I'm suffering from Bob Kaiser Syndrome and can't think of the name of anything. Gordman's! That's it! Gene wanted some new shirts for fall/winter and the kids both needed winter coats. We found all of the above! Gene's original plan included Cold Stone for ice cream but we were all way too full. It was a fun night.

I'm ready for a weekend free from homework. We have nothing planned, but I hope to take Kaylin to the Park District's Return to Hogwarts event Saturday night. Otherwise, I hope to relax and rest my feet.

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