Monday, September 7, 2009


Simon's been with us a week now and is quickly settling in. He appears to be comfortable in the entire house and has been approaching the kids and even showing himself to the neighbor kids. He loves to play with the laser pointer. He likes to play fetch with ponytail holders, but he hasn't done that with me yet. He also hasn't joined me in the shower, though he does like to sit on the toilet tank while I'm using the toilet. Creepy!

Both Simon and Tiger are friendly cats who need lots of attention. The hope in bringing them together is that they will bond and be buddies and entertain each other. So far, they have the entertaining each other part down. Simon has a black tail with a white tip that never stops twitching. Tiger finds Simon's tail irresistable and attacks it over and over which makes Simon twitch his tail even more and Tiger attack even more. It's a seemingly neverending cycle. Simon is a huge, fat cat. He is literally about twice Tiger's size, but Tiger still takes him down. So far, Tiger is the dominant kitty.

While they haven't exactly bonded yet, they're not quite enemies. They hiss and fight and attack one another, but so far, no blood. I've seen my share of cat fight wounds at the vet's office. Tiger and Simon are mostly just playing. It cracks me up that big old Simon allows weenie kitten Tiger to dominate him. It appears to be working out :)

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