Friday, September 11, 2009

The Little Things

Yesterday was a really good day at work. I accomplished many of the minor tasks I've been trying to get to all week (or for weeks.) I witnessed a very successful hog introduction. We put the mama and baby hogs in the yard together with dad and auntie for the first time and they all got along great. It was fun to see the half-grown piglets climbing all over dad and watch them follow him everywhere. It was cute to see the entire group moving around together all day or sleeping in a giant hog heap. The adult hogs were very happy to be back together and the piglets just made everything even better.

I had a funny incident while I was cleaning the porcupines. The three porcupines were inside yesterday while George the giant tortoise was outside in their shared yard. (The porcupines try to poke poor old George so if he's outside, they stay in- and vice-versa.) Anyway, the porcupines have a shift area at the back of their stall where they stay while I'm cleaning. I don't get poked, they don't escape into the keeper hallway. Everybody's safe and separated by a metal mesh wall. We can see each other, but I'd have to get stupidly close to get poked :) I was hosing in the main stall when I noticed a chunk of carrot in the shift area. I started hosing the carrot, attempting to wash it into the stall. (It's a large enough area I was nowhere near hosing the porcupines.) I was concentrating on that carrot and not paying much attention to the animals. Suddenly, I realized Spike was backing his quills into the stream of water. They fluff up all their quills and do this bouncy little backward "dance" into whatever they're trying to attack. (I assume if it was a REAL threat the dance wouldn't be quite so cute and bouncy, but I've fortunately never seen them THAT upset.) Anyway, Spike was repeatedly poking that water. The look of victory in his eyes when I moved the hose was priceless. Funny stuff!

Tiger and Simon's relationship continues to evolve. Until last night, Simon has been allowing Tiger to completely dominate him. Tiger is considerably smaller so that's been fun to watch. Simon finally started fighting back. They still aren't wounding each other, but they have hilarious wrestling sessions where Tiger knocks Simon onto his back and Simon yowls and screams. Now Simon flips his massive body back onto Tiger and flattens him on the floor. All Tiger can do is try to bite his way out while Simon screams. Hopefully Tiger won't be smothered by Simon's flabby folds. The cats are fantastic entertainment. Way better than tv! They play and wrestle nonstop.

And finally, my stupid, stupid injury. I get so many minor injuries at work I often don't notice them. I'll find a gigantic bruise on my thigh and have no idea what I did to myself. I'm too busy working. At home, I tend to notice. Last night as I was getting out of the shower I brought my elbow down on the small shelf at the back of the tub surround. It's plastic and has a little give so I was surprised at the searing pain. I ignored it and started drying myself when I noticed I was dripping blood. The mirror was all steamed up and my cut was on a place on my elbow impossible to see. I apparently brought my elbow down onto my razor! I had to call Gene into the bathroom to apply a band-aid because I couldn't see where the cut was and didn't want to bleed all over. What are the odds? Eh, with me, probably pretty good.

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