Thursday, November 27, 2008


Colleen and I had just finished our lunch at McDonald's and were climbing into the car to go back to work when a pickup truck with a large chest freezer in the bed pulled up next to us. We were talking and putting on our seatbelts when the driver of the truck pounded on the passenger window. Now, I'm a total wus who gets tackled to the ground by two-year-olds and Colleen's a skinny girl. (Well, a skinny girl with a black belt in Tai Kwon Do and almost a black belt in Kuk Sul Won.)

Colleen rolled down the window and was mentally preparing to kick butt when the VERY friendly man asked us if we wanted to buy some meat? Just in time for the holidays!!! He started reeling off all the MANY different kinds of meat he had in his freezer. We were stunned speechless. Do people really buy meat from some random guy in the Mickey-D's parking lot? Not us!

This guy would NOT shut up! He was determined to make a sale. I was most certainly NOT going to buy his meat, but how to get him to leave... I finally blurted out "Sorry, Dude, we're vegetarians." He was soooo disappointed. He tried to convince us that some vegetarians eat chicken or fish, but Colleen said "Yeah, nothing that's had a heartbeat." He thanked us and left us alone.

We were silent as we pulled out of the parking lot onto Prospect. We then burst into simultaneous laughter when it sunk in that some guy just tried to sell us MEAT out of a FREEZER in the back of his TRUCK in the McDonald's parking lot! Wow. Yuck.

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