Friday, October 17, 2008

Zoo To-do

Work has been insane. Everyone is scrambling to get ready to start receiving new animals in less than two weeks!!! On Monday (my usual day off and Colombus Day so no school) I was supposed to help load the zebras onto a trailer, have Kaylin at the zoo for a photo shoot at 9:30am and then ride along to Racine, Wisconsin to help deliver the zebras. I begged Gene to take the day off work to stay with the kids. Fortunately, he didn't mind...

Gene got Kaylin all dressed up in a mini zookeeper uniform and brought her in to pose with the camel and the giant tortoise. The photo is for a fundraising calendar for the proposed children's museum. They wanted pictures of kids doing adult jobs and when they contacted my boss, she volunteered Kaylin for the job. Kaylin loved it :) Logan was happy to get to go into the yards with the animals, but NOT have to get his picture taken, thankyouverymuch!

Loading the zebras onto the trailer was relatively uneventful. They weren't overly nervous or stressed-out the entire trip. Every time we stopped to check on them, they were contentedly munching on hay. The trip was probably more stressful for my coworker Doug and me. The drive each way took five hours. The truck's air-conditioning didn't work so we were hot and sticking to the vinyl seats. We got such a late start due to problems with the truck/trailer electronics we got to the Racine Zoo after close and didn't even get to see any of their animals. It was a bummer to drive all that way, spend 40 minutes unloading the zebras and then jump right back into the truck for another five hour drive. Oh well. The zebras did great unloading and seemed to enjoy their new grassy yard.

Logan started in his new classroom on Tuesday. He likes his new teacher and is adjusting well. I figured out this week that Logan has been eating breakfast at school. I don't know how he figured out he could do this, but he was really enjoying it :) A few weeks ago, I added $50 to his lunch account, thinking I wouldn't have to think about lunch money for a long time. Tuesday night I received a notice that he OWED money. WHAT???? Not possible! I checked Kaylin's account and she still had more than half her lunch money! There must be some mistake! Nope. Brat Boy was eating at home and then again at school. A $25 discovery that if it wasn't so funny would have made me quite mad! I emailed his new teacher about it and she emailed back that the former teacher had him on the breakfast list. Seriously???

Next week I'm scheduled to train in Indy from Monday through Thursday. I CAN'T WAIT to work with rhinos!

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tarable said...

Tevin did the same thing with the breakfast at school. It was shortly after Eric had his heart attack and we actually qualified for reduced lunch because he wasn't working. Reduced lunch at the time was like $.75, I think, I sent $20 and got a note not too long afterward that I owed over 8 dollars!!! Reduced breakfast, I think was something like $.35. My mom still thinks this is freaking hysterical. I am not sure why it tickles her so much.