Thursday, October 9, 2008

Giraffe training

I made it through my first session of giraffe training! I think Roz and I both were a bit overwhelmed at how time-consuming it is to clean up after giraffes. Giraffes only sleep literally a few minutes every day so they spend most of their time pacing around, grinding their copious amounts of poo into the floor. The floor must be swept, soaked, scrubbed, sanitized and rinsed daily to clean their mess. Wow.

On the bright side, they are amazingly cool animals. While not terribly intelligent, giraffes are very curious. They like to examine everything in their environment. A falling leaf is fascinating and then good to eat. Giraffes have very good senses of sight and hearing. Roz and I enjoyed making subtle noises while the giraffes were inside the building and watching them react. All four would stop eating and slowly turn their heads toward us, just staring with curiosity. Very cute. We got to hand feed them banana chunks. It was awesome to be so close :)

We also got a complete behind the scenes tour of the entire zoo. We got to watch big cat and elephant training sessions. We also got to watch a veterinary procedure on a constipated snake. The vet was elbow-deep inside a huge python, removing large chunks of impacted feces. Pretty amazing... I took video.

Roz accompanied me to the mall and took great pleasure in forcing me to try on many different potential outfits (as well as several different hideous tops she just wanted to see me in.) I now have an outfit for our coworker's wedding! I even bought shoes! I ended up with a pair of black dress pants and a shirt that is on the casual side, but nothing at all like anything I currently own. I tried on 17 shirts/pants/skirts and several pairs of shoes. Utterly exhausting. I don't understand why so many women love clothes shopping. Ugh.

While I was gone we received a letter from the school that Logan was switched to the new kindergarten class. Just like Kaylin. The principal "randomly" picks kids for the move. I imagine that since we share the same last name our kids kinda jump off the page at him. Logan was adjusting really well and making lots of friends. Bummer.

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