Friday, April 18, 2008


Yesterday my dad took Logan out for a Day of Adventure (cue the Indiana Jones music!) Logan was thrilled because he got to MISS SCHOOL to have a fun day with PawPaw. He was up and dressed and ready to go at 6:30am. I don't know how he made it through the next hour.

Anyway, Logan and Grandpa had a fabulous day playing and fishing and shooting BB guns and having lunch with Uncle Andy. I happened to be driving right behind them on my way home from work. My dad was dropping Logan off at Kaylin's school so Gene could take both kids to karate. I followed them into Kaylin's school parking lot to see how their day went.

Logan excitedly jumped out of Grandpa's car, eager to show me the Hotwheels racecars Grandpa bought him. My dad was checking around his car and getting ready to leave when Logan suddenly remembered "I forgot my worms!!!!!" I of course assumed he had some gummy worms, but my dad said "Oh, I thought I'd take them back to my house." Logan about FREAKED. He REALLY wanted those worms. My dad once again tried to convince him that he'd take them home. Logan INSISTED he wanted the worms!!! At this point I was thinking "Sheesh, Dad, stop at the gas station and buy yourself some more. It's just candy!!!" Logan jumped back into the car and retrieved a container of nightcrawlers. Um...

He carefully opened the container and showed me the WORMS. I picked one up, thinking only of the different zoo animals that would enjoy these worms. I then made some heartless comment about how he probably should send them home with PawPaw or I was just gonna take them to the zoo for the salamanders or chicks. The boy was now Ticked. Off. These worms were NOT going home with PawPaw and they were MOST CERTAINLY NOT going to the zoo!!! They were HIS worms and they would be going home with him to live at his house thankyouverymuch!!!!!!!! Oh-kaaaaaaay.

When they got home from karate, Logan spent the rest of the evening staring into the little butter dish of worms, occasionally touching one when he worked up the nerve. He was also trying hard to make his sister jealous of his new pets. Kaylin's reaction was pretty lame- she wasn't at all afraid or grossed-out by the worms, nor was she interested in them in any way. I guess I'll find out how to care for worms and try to provide them with a somewhat better home. How long can they live??? Probably years, LOL.

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