Thursday, April 24, 2008

mini update

After all my good intentions, I forgot about Logan's worms. I bought potting soil but they needed peat moss and I never remembered to, ok fine, I never had the energy or desire to return to the store. Anyway, I found the worm container on Logan's bed cooking in the sun from the windows. I opened it to the delightful scent of decaying worm. Mmmmm, good thing I'm a zookeeper and smells don't really affect me! Others may have vomited... Logan and I found a patch of loose dirt and Freed the Worms. Most of them were still alive. I was glad Logan understood it was better to free them and let them live than keep them. (Phew!) He even made a point to recycle the worm container :)


Since my conference with Kaylin's teacher, she's had a couple of notes sent home as well as one F for her weekly effort grade. I think Kaylin has terrible Spring Fever and just can't wait for school to be over. I let her know she better NOT get any more notes or effort F's or she will pretty much never play with the neighbor kids again. Since the two-page, handwritten Note of Horror, I've been asking her every night if there's anything in her folder I don't want to see? This drives her NUTS! Last night we were driving home and I asked if she had any homework? Her reply? "No homework (pause, hesitation) but I do have a note and an F." I groaned and asked what the note was about? "GOTCHA!!! I don't have a note and the only thing in my folder is an A+ math paper!!!" Ahhhhh. I laughed the rest of the night. I'm still laughing. Kaylin may be a girly princess, but she's definitely my kid!

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