Friday, February 24, 2012

More time off

I'm trying to figure out how to make my bird list on the side of my blog a LINK to a bird list, but so far haven't figured it out. If it gets too crazy I'll take it down.

I've been using the at-home portion of my vacation to attempt to accomplish all the little things I tend to put off. I have been having a much harder time reading tiny fine print than I used to and I'll be 40 this year so I had my first ever eye exam. I've been giving a boss and a coworker a hard time about being in denial about needing glasses. The coworker FINALLY broke down and got glasses, but the boss is at that point where she can't read anything but still refuses the obvious fact she needs help. I've teased both of them enough that I better NEVER be in a situation where I can't read something! I told them that I've learned my lesson from them and that when the time comes I'm going to get reading and/or prescription glasses and not be a baby about it. I don't need either yet. The doc said I'll probably start needing reading glasses sometime between ages 41 and 43. Apparently that is when most people with no previous eye issues start to lose their close vision. Phew!

Duncan had what I believe was his first vet appointment with me present. We've only had him for a year and since he was old enough that he'd had all of his vaccines, a heartworm test and was already neutered when we got him, he hasn't needed any of that stuff until now. Duncan's such a weenie I was pretty nervous how he'd act. Plus, the last time he was at the vet's was to board and that was a bad experience. We walked into the waiting room and almost immediately one of the front desk girls squealed "Duncan!" and ran over to pet him. He peed all over the floor. Well!

They quickly ushered us to an exam room. Dunc seemed to calm down a little when he realized I wasn't leaving. The tech came in and drew up vaccines and then drew blood for a heartworm test. Duncan didn't flinch at the blood draw, but HATED the cotton ball and masking tape bandage she put on his leg. He refused to put any weight on the leg, so was hobbling around, trying to figure out how to walk. We laughed, but I've drawn enough blood on nervous animals to know that you leave that bandage on for five or ten minutes or they will bleed all over the place! The vet came in and did vaccines and an exam and Duncan did great. He got his bandage off before we left and then didn't pee again when we were paying. Overall, he did great, but peeing inside the building in front of my former coworkers? Pretty embarrassing!

Logan finished all of his make-up work from missing two days of school in about 20 minutes, cementing in my brain that taking him to Minnesota was the right thing to do. He was excited to tell his teacher about seeing a snowy owl. I was relieved that Wednesday (the day he returned to school) was a half day so he only had school for 3 hours. He was pretty tired, but he thought the trip was worth it.

We can't wait to go back to Minnesota! I had been loosely planning our summer vacation to go west to Colorado. Now I really just want to go back to Minnesota. I'd never really given any thought to Minnesota before because my mom complained about her annual childhood trips like it was the worst punishment on earth. I only saw a tiny area of the state, but I loved it! I thought the Duluth area was the most beautiful place I've ever been!

I'm spending the rest of my time off slowly chipping away at the clutter. It's overwhelming to have so much stuff. I'll get a table or counter cleared and within a day, Kaylin will have her cake decorating stuff or knitting stuff or hair bow stuff or fairy stuff ALL OVER. Everything that child does makes a gigantic, impossible mess! I have to say, of all her messy hobbies over the years I hate the cake decorating most of all. Hardened cement frosting is everywhere. EVERYWHERE!!! Sigh. Better get off the computer and get cleaning...

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