Monday, January 30, 2012

Susy Homemaker

I have to admit that I went into my first knitting class with a bad attitude. Not a bad attitude like I can't do this or don't want to do this, more along the lines of I don't give a hoot. I had no intention of learning to knit- I was transportation for my child, nothing more. I would pay attention the first class and help my daughter get started if necessary, and then I would be done knitting forever. It didn't work that way.

Instructor woman droned on and on about her amazing life of knitting. She's trained with such and such person who could very well be the Michael Jordan of knitting, but I've never heard of her and don't really care. She then passed around about 20 examples of different knitting how-to books we can buy at Michaels or Hobby Lobby or JoAnn Fabrics. That was slightly entertaining because one was a leftover from the 70s and had some hilarious pictures including one of a boy slightly younger than Logan wearing an entirely knit outfit. I can't imagine a boy older than two consenting to wear knit pants! Anyway, blah,blah,blah,blah,blah.

It was finally time to start learning to knit! First, we learned to make a slip-knot. I've known how to make a slip-knot for more than 30 years, but trying to do it her way was so confusing I had to try several times. Then we learned to cast on, which is putting several knots? stitches? on one knitting needle. I happened to be sitting closest to the instructor, so she helped me first. "No, you bring the yarn around the back. No. Around the BACK!" What? Her words made no sense whatsoever and she quickly became impatient and moved on. I noticed that the woman across from me had it and I asked if I could watch her from behind so I could copy her. She taught me pretty well, but I'm a hands-on learner and have to do things like this until perfection to get them down. By the time I was practicing casting on, the instructor was ready to move on. Meanwhile, Kaylin was frustrated half to death and starting to whine. I tried to convince her I'd figure this out and then help her. I HAD to learn it myself first before I could teach her. We managed to keep calm and I tuned out the second part of the lesson so I could figure out the first. By the time I was ready to go back to the woman across from me for help with the second step, the class was over. Crap!

At this point I was angry. I mean, here's this instructor who trained with the great Carol Johnson (name made up) and she completely stinks at teaching others to knit! I learned WAY more from the woman sitting across from me! Thank goodness I didn't just send Kaylin by herself to this class! My mama bear instincts kicked in and I became furious that this instructor wasn't going to teach my baby to knit. "I" was going to have to do it myself! But how? I didn't care how, I was going to do it! And that is how I went from completely uninterested chaperon to determined to learn how to knit. Yes, I'm laughing at myself, but I'm also determined!

My boss is also taking the class and I was extremely relieved to find that she left just as confused and annoyed as Kaylin and me. She's a natural at this stuff, so I figured if anyone would get it, it would be her. Nope.

I went home and tried watching some youtube videos, but everyone cast on a different way and I got even more confused. (I'm sure there are some great ones, I just haven't been patient enough to skim through them yet.) I then decided that a book aimed at children might be the key. I dug through the recycling and found last Sunday's 40% off Hobby Lobby coupon because there was NO WAY I was going to pay full price to learn how to knit! Hobby Lobby had a Mickey Mouse "I Taught Myself to Knit" kit that came with a book, knitting needles and a bunch of fun Mickey end caps and stuff. It was labeled for ages 8 and up. Perfect.

I had a busy Saturday night and didn't look through the book, but took it to work Sunday and read it at lunch. I think I can learn to knit with this book! It has really simple instructions and color coding. It tells you exactly how to hold your needles and has diagrams to back up the words. I was so excited I took the book over to show my boss. It was probably pretty pathetic, two grown women so excited about learning how to knit from Mickey. She took the book home last night which gave me the perfect excuse to not learn to knit quite yet. I imagine tonight will be all about learning to knit and tomorrow I'll teach Kaylin. We're both supposed to knit a 9x9 inch square by next Saturday. I hope that's easier than I think it will be! :)

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Red said...

oh Susy, someimes you can give me a good chuckle on days that i'm not enjoying TX as much as I was expecting to.