Saturday, January 7, 2012

Back to Work

I might say this every time, but I think this was my best vacation ever. It was so relaxing and fun! I had tons of time with my family both at home and away. I went birding with Meghan, had lunch with Colleen and went to a movie with Lynne. I read a couple of great books and went out looking for otters and owls by myself. I accomplished everything on my chore list, including getting a hair cut, cleaning out my car and getting an oil change.

After very limited success, I re-evaluated my vegan diet and quit. I don't think it helped with my foot pain at all and I could never have kept it up because I didn't like it. I did a bunch of research and learned that I am a protein metabolism type. That pretty much means my body requires more protein and fat, as well as more meals and snacks, than a carb metabolism type. Basically, the vegan diet I was attempting was the opposite of what my body needs. I've got a new eating plan. I really need to lose weight, but my goal of my eating plan is more to eat better and eliminate fast food and most processed food. I've now gone more than 2 months without diet soda, so that's going well. I also rejoined the gym and plan to start using stationary bikes and ellipticals soon.
Unfortunately, I was just diagnosed with bronchitis and am on an inhaler 8 times a day. It's probably not the best time to start a new exercise program. Soon.

The Oscar Mayer Wienermobile was at Walmart today! We went and took photos and looked at the inside. Unfortunately, they were out of wiener whistles. Oh well, we have many. We each got a Wienermobile sticker, though. It's always fun to see the giant hot dog car.

I can't believe it's not just a new year, but the year I turn 40. I have some big plans and big goals for this year. It's time to make some grown-up decisions. I'm looking forward to seeing what this year brings. And dreading it a little, too...

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