Thursday, June 30, 2011

My Baseball Boy

Logan's intensity and hard work are really paying off at the ball field. The kid is amazing! In a league where half the kids are still clueless about basic baseball rules, Logan is completely focused on every aspect of the game. He keeps track of every out and every run for both teams. He hustles (sometimes too fast) and backs up other players without being a ball hog. He loves the game but still has fun with his teammates. Last night he hit a grand slam, a two run homer and a single. It was awesome!

It's REALLY weird to be the completely nonathletic, non-competitive parent of the "best kid on the team." I mean, I am SO PROUD of Logan's hard work, but I honestly couldn't care less if he's one of the best or worst players. The ultra-competitive parents scowl at Gene and me and we have even been asked about our "secrets" to getting him so focused. HA!!! As if we send him to private lessons with the Chiefs' batting coach or something! The "secret" is that LOGAN goes out and hits ball after ball after ball. Either by himself or with (mostly) Gene or me. He's out there every single day. When he takes a break from playing the game, he's watching every move the big leaguers make so he can imitate them. Then he begs Gene to hit balls to him so he can practice catching.

I never in a million years would have thought Gene and I could produce an athletic child. I'm pretty sure Gene is enjoying every second of our little run of "fame"- as he should. I am enjoying the thought that the competitive parents are looking at these uncoordinated doofuses and wondering if Logan was adopted? Relax, folks, the kids are only 8. Your kid will most likely get the baseball scholarship over mine. None of them are going to make it to the Majors. I'm just thrilled my kid is capable of such focus and drive. Hopefully these things will serve him well in the future.

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