Sunday, May 15, 2011


What a miserable weekend! I don't think it ever stopped raining Saturday. Poor Duncan desperately wanted to chase squirrels but the rain ruined his fun. He's been hilarious lately with the squirrel hunt. Friday was a beautiful day and Duncan spent most of it in the back yard. Every time I would check on him he was standing sentinel, quivering with anticipation waiting for the evil squirrel to show himself. The squirrel would eventually chirp at the dog and then Duncan would TEAR around and around the yard. Sometimes he napped in the warm sun, but he was always ready to take off after that squirrel at a second's notice. I imagine he'll eventually catch one. Then what?

We have baby chipmunks at our bird feeders. They are so cute I can't even be upset when mama chipmunk repeatedly fills her cheeks with seed. It's amazing how baby animals affect people. The zoo has baby groundhogs under the feed storage shed right outside the main kitchen door. Most of the year the groundhogs are annoying pests, but the babies are soooo cute everyone is loving them. One of my coworkers even has a baby groundhog as her facebook profile picture. My favorite babies should be showing themselves soon. I am completely in love with the baby starlings who have grown as big as mom but still don't feed themselves. They fly around expertly, making a huge ruckus begging mom to bring them food. In the winter I can't stand the flocks of starlings who enter my barns for warmth and make huge messes while eating the animal food. The late spring babies make up for the trouble.

The kids are signed up for summer camp and baseball. Gene and I both got our summer vacation time off approved for the first full week of July. Kaylin's band concert is this Tuesday and then we're done with school activities other than end of the year picnics. I know the last few weeks of school will fly by, but both kids have terrible spring fever. I need to get Kaylin signed up for the summer session of ceramics, but otherwise we are ready for this school year to end. Bring it on!

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