Saturday, February 13, 2010


Ugh. I have so much to do and don't want to do ANY of it :) I have laundry and packing and maps and phone calls and a Wal-Mart trip. The place I'm going is apparently in the middle of nowhere. The nearest hotel I can find (online, without having a clue where the place actually is) is 20 miles away from where I'll be working. It also appears to be a dink town off the highway. I already know I will have to bring my own lunches to work and will have to find stuff that doesn't need refrigeration. Hmmm, peanut butter and marshmallow cream? Individual packs of jelly? Ha! Maybe I'll take Logan to Bob Evans for breakfast and swipe some.

Otherwise, this should be a fun trip. I'm planning to stop at Columbus Zoo on Sunday and have a behind the scenes tour set up with their rhinos. I've never been there so I'm pretty excited. The rest of the week should be a good educational experience. I hope to learn a lot.

I finally got around to taking Simon to the vet yesterday. I had no idea how he'd handle being crated and driven and then how he'd act at the vet's office. I decided that even though we'd be early, I'd crate him and take him with me when I dropped the kids off at school, rather than take the chance that he'd hide and be impossible to crate when I had a short time limit. I need not have worried. Simon was great like always. When I was ready I grabbed him and shoved his big butt in the box. No problem. He wasn't crazy about the car ride and spent most of it meowing loudly, but he came right out of the box on his own and stood nicely on the scale. He then sat nicely on my lap for 15 minutes while we waited for a room, even with two large dogs next to us.

Unfortunately for Simon, the vet I never get to see because she only works every other weekend at this clinic was there. We hadn't talked for years. Possibly not since I worked there four years ago! We probably talked for close to an hour before we remembered the appointment was for cat shots, not for us to catch up. Simon just sat on the table, frozen in fear the entire time. He was great for his shots and exam. We finally went to pay and I ended up talking to the vet quite a while longer. We left home at 8:45 and got back at 11. Poor kitty! Simon was happy to be home, but unlike Tess (the old cat) he didn't punish me. I sometimes wouldn't see Tess for days following a vet visit. Simon was rubbing at my legs, begging for attention almost immediately.

Well, I better get to work packing.

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