Friday, December 4, 2009


When it comes to material possessions, I'd say I'm low maintenance. I'm far from a minimalist, but I honestly don't care about "stuff." Clothes bore me to tears. I have no interest in home decor. I own two pieces of jewelry valued well under $100. I'm considering replacing my 13-yr-old car sometime in the next year, not because of the rust or broken bumper, but because of the weird noises it makes and the fact I feel uncomfortable driving it anywhere out of town. I love my new laptop, but it is a basic model. I am completely satisfied with my outdated point and shoot camera and my years-old iPod.

I like to spend my money on vacations. My motto is "Experiences, not things." And by experiences, I mean FUN ones with maybe a little education on the side. Wisconsin Dells comes to mind. Watching Logan's face as he plummeted down the water slide or getting caught up in Kaylin's excitement as she flicked her wand at a treasure chest that "magically" opened... That is the good stuff! Playing in the giant ball pit at City Museum in St. Louis, watching a single-file line of adorable otters at the Indy Zoo, seeing dozens of wild manatees in Florida, Disney World! Even little things like our membership to the small museum in town bring plenty of fun times. Then there are free things like hiking in the woods and finding deer and turkeys or throwing rocks in the river and poking dead fish with sticks. Even spending time playing with the cats provides endless entertainment. This is the stuff I love and live for!

So, when Gene wants to spend a wad of cash on electronic items I consider ostentatious and completely unnecessary, I balk. I question his values and judgment because they aren't the same as mine. With his last purchase I even questioned his sanity. But wait, who on earth am I to play all holier-than-thou??? I don't care about TVs and stereos and musical equipment because I DON'T CARE about them. Just because a new TV isn't important to ME doesn't mean it's not important to HIM. Gene loves watching football and baseball and racing. It's not like he wastes any more time watching sports than I do dinking around on the internet. Reading blogs and forums and writing emails is my therapy and sanity saver. Watching sports is his. Gene also loves electronics and technology. For me a TV is a TV is a TV. For Gene it will be so much more...

I guess the bottom line is that I need to lighten up and accept that my husband has (gasp) different interests than I do. He's not putting us into debt with his purchase. The kids will love the new TV and even I am looking forward to playing Wii on a big screen. So Gene-Gene, I publicly apologize for going off on you. Enjoy your new TV!

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