Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas 2009

Before Brady-dog crashed and burned on Christmas Day, we did have an excellent Christmas Eve. I had to work from 7am-10:30am. The plan was to let the kids open their (two) presents from Santa while I was at work (they were Wii games so I figured I'd see them play PLENTY of times...) and then open everything else as soon as I got home. Well, both kids were up and raring to open presents at 6am so we let them.

By the time I got home a little before 11am, the bulk of the paper and box mess was cleaned up. I was able to jump right in the shower and was in my pajamas, ready to hunker down and play for the rest of the day by 11:30. It was such a fun day! No neighbor kids, no obligations. Just the four of us playing Super Mario Bros and Mario Kart on Wii, playing SpongeBob Uno and Slamwich. Building Lego sets and playing with Bakugan and fairy dolls. Drinking hot chocolate with lots of whipped cream and eating Pringles and candy and donuts. The only thing that would have made the day more perfect would have been if I hadn't had to work.

I got Logan a giant Hershey's Kiss. He had it almost 3/4 gone by the time I got home from work! I thought for sure he'd spend the afternoon clutching his stomach and vomiting, but it didn't happen. I guess Gene was too busy frantically cleaning bits of wrapping paper and packaging to notice his kid was consuming a pound of chocolate :) Oh well, it's Christmas!

Christmas morning both kids woke up sick. Kaylin had a slight fever, a horrible cold and a sore throat. Logan just had a nasty cold. We ended up staying home from church. Gene's family only gets together once a year on Christmas, so he really wanted us all to go. I was pretty reluctant to take Kaylin around his cousin's kids. Then when we discovered Brady was in such bad shape, that made the decision. I stayed home with Kaylin and Gene and Logan went to the party. It was too bad since Kaylin loves playing with these (2nd?) cousins, but she was pretty miserable. We played video games and Blokus and I stayed in my Christmas Eve pajamas until I had to leave for the vet the next morning. I usually can't tolerate that much relaxation and need to leave the house regularly, but I have to admit it was a wonderful couple of days of down time. Other than the dying dog, it was a pretty great Christmas.

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