Thursday, January 22, 2009

Counting down the hours...

Yeeeessssssssssssssss!!!! I just have to get through today at work and I'm on vacation for FOURTEEN days! Wooohooooooo! My boss needed me to work my old string today and get body image pictures of the tigers so I will get to work outside (and with my beloved tigers) on a day that's supposed to be sunny and 40 degrees. (Which incidentally, is warmer than it is in Orlando at the moment.) Can you tell I'm excited???

Tomorrow Gene and the kids go to work/school while I pack the bags and the van. When Gene gets home (4ish, I hope) we'll pick up the kids and head out! I have no idea how long we'll drive, where we'll stay, etc. I just hope to make it out of Illinois :) The weather forecast is good, at least for the drive down and our first several days at Disney World. I'm sure I think this before EVERY vacation, but I've never needed a vacation so badly! I might possibly miss the rhinos, but I will NOT miss pulling 100 pounds of poop out of their drains every day!

The kids are crazy with excitement. Logan won't talk about the trip because it makes him too upset that we aren't leaving RIGHT NOW. Kaylin won't shut up about it. Ack! How will I make it through my work day?

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