Thursday, January 15, 2009


My new picture is me with Harris the rhino. Harris loves attention and has even rolled over onto his back so I could rub his belly. Harris is my favorite of the new African animals (followed closely by Luxor the lion and the giraffe boys. Uh, and the red river hogs and Hogan the zebra...)

I'm bitter about the bitter cold that has taken the last kid-free day before our vacation away from me. (sob) I really wanted to get a LOT of stuff done Friday, but instead will spend the day with four kids screaming and trashing my house. Gene worked from home today so I "got" to work all day. School was cancelled two days this week- the same week my vacation request for the last day of school and the following week was approved. I HOPE they'll only have to make up one of the days. Eh, they can miss their last hour-long day of school.

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