Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Milk fight

When I picked the kids up from Latchkey last night, Logan was dumping one of those standup dustpans into the trash. He put away the broom and dustpan and joined me as we walked to the car. I asked him if sweeping was privilege or punishment? Sweeping was a privilege, but that question reminded him of the terrible punishment he received earlier in the day. For once in my life I was glad for the early darkness of winter- it somewhat covered my attempts to keep from laughing hysterically. Between Logan's long, sad story and Kaylin's smart-alecky comments, I was shaking with repressed laughter the entire drive home.

Long story short, Logan and two other boys were using their straws to spit milk at each other. The lunch aid had a fit and sent them all to the office to talk to the principal. The lunch aid, office secretary, principal and then classroom teacher all had plenty to say about the incident. Logan was VERY impressed by the huge amount of trouble he was in and will probably never spit milk on his friends again this school year.

Logan's confession was long and serious, all in his deep little monotone.
Me: Did you cry?
Logan: Not until I got to the office. Mrs. (secretary) was very, very sad that we'd do something like that.
Kaylin: Oh yeah, I'm sure Mrs. S was REALLY sad. Was she crying and crying because you guys spit milk at each other?
Logan: SHUT UP KAYLIN! Mrs. S was sad but Mr. (principal) didn't scream at us. He was very sad that we'd do something like that but he didn't yell.

The story went on and on. All of the adults were very sad. All except this one who was laughing her head off. WHY do schools overuse the word "sad?" Are little kids really too stupid to understand "disappointed?" If you hit someone, you're using "sad hands." Why? Can't a kid (even a preschooler) understand some basic concept of self-control and anger? Do we really hit others because our hands are SAD??? I digress...

When we pulled into the driveway, Logan noticed that the neighbors were home and wanted to go play. I said something about how he'd gotten into a lot of trouble and he should stay home tonight. His furious response? "I KNEW I SHOULDN'T HAVE TOLD YOU!!!" Ah, it makes me so SAD!

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