Monday, August 26, 2013

Stupid Foot, Part 94

I had an MRI on my foot a week ago Monday and found out that I tore a tendon.  Again.  And this time I have absolutely no clue about a specific incident that would have caused this fairly major injury.  It is extremely upsetting and frustrating to not understand how and why I am injuring myself.  Back in mid-July I had what felt like very tight calves and ankles in both legs/feet.  The right leg improved to completely better in a few days.  The left calf improved, but my entire left foot started to hurt more and more each day.  Several different tendons were inflamed and painful.  At one point I had a large lump on the bottom of my foot but it went away.  After about a week and a half the pain became unbearable and there was swelling on the outer side of my foot that prevented me from putting on a shoe.  That was July 30th.  I haven't been back to work since.

I have spent my month off trying to come to terms with the fact that it is time to start looking for another, less physically demanding career.  I've talked to my doctor, my bosses, friends, family and people in the career centers at ICC and ISU.  I have a call in to some lady at an employment agency.  I've revised my resume and am signed up for a career change class.  I'm signed up at several job posting sites and will add my resume soon.  I'm constantly googling different jobs and ideas.  It totally sucks.  I don't want to leave the zoo.

Meanwhile, I'm trying to make the best of a bad situation.  I'm enjoying my extra time with the kids and the pets.  This weekend we learned that Gage is a water dog.  We took him down to the river for the millionth time, but for some reason this time he LOVED playing in the water.  It was beyond cute to see him leaping along the edge, barking at the waves.  Then he played swim fetch for sticks over and over until we had to leave.  I wish I could take him more often, but the river is pretty disgusting and he will need a bath every time he goes in.

The kids started school and are glad to be back with friends.  Logan isn't much of a school lover in general, but he's enjoying having a locker and switching classes.  Since he isn't in band or other music, he has to take French.  He's not impressed, but I think it's great.  Kaylin is thrilled because she got into algebra.  She took a test at the end of last school year and the teacher said she did great, but she didn't know for sure if she was one of the "lucky ones" to place into the class until the first day this year.

I have a doctor appointment on Thursday and will find out whether I get to go back to work Sunday.  At this point it could go either way.  If I do go back it will almost certainly be in the boot and with restrictions.  My foot still hurts, but it's much better than it was...

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