Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Still Not Sewing

Whoa!  The summer has flown by!  Kaylin is now a teenager.  Logan's last baseball game of the season is Wednesday night.  Sunday at Wal-Mart, the Back to School area was being set up.  July 4th is over.  It's all going too fast.

My grandma's funeral was last weekend.  As we were driving back to the church from the cemetery, I was telling the kids (my two plus my oldest niece) about how much fun my cousins and I had playing at Grandma's house.  I told them how we would run across the top of the white horse fence and then jump onto a tree limb and swing to the ground.  We climbed the apple tree and pulled apart hundreds of sycamore balls.  We played gorilla (or maybe guerilla?) in the dark and hid inside the front bushes.  We rummaged around the attic and dared each other to open the cookie tin containing the decades-old top layer of Grandma's wedding cake.  (It was totally as disgusting as it sounds.) 

Grandpa and Grandma had moved to a condo by the time the kids were old enough to remember visiting.  We drove by their old house so I could show the kids and see it for myself.  The white fence was collapsing and the apple tree and the bushes were long gone.  The sycamore was still there, but what surprised me was how big I remember the yard and how the houses seemed so much farther apart.  The wonderland I had described to the kids looked pretty much like a normal house in a normal neighborhood.  Uhhhh...  At least the kids didn't seem disappointed.

As for my memories of Grandma herself, she was always hard at work on something.  I loved helping in the garden and picking apples and plums.  I remember sneaking cookie dough and putting honey on my breakfast cereal.  Grandma read to me and played with me and tried and failed to teach me to sew.  It was probably for my 6th birthday that Grandma got me a cross-stitch? kit and attempted to help me complete it.  I don't remember the design other than it had purple flowers.  It seemed like we worked on it for years and years and never came close to finishing.  Hahaha, I imagine I frustrated her half to death, but I was completely uninterested in sewing.  Still am.  Oh, well.

Well, time to plan out the second half of the summer.  It should be a bit more relaxing without baseball games three times a week.  But I sure will miss watching my little slugger!

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