Friday, March 22, 2013

Out like a lion

Well, I can't believe how much personal time I lose by devoting an hour each morning to exercise and another 20+ minutes to preparing my breakfast and lunch.  By the time I do all the other stuff I need and want to do, I have no time at all for blog writing.  And I suppose that's okay, because there's not a whole lot to write about at the moment. 

I've REALLY been enjoying working outside this week.  It's been cold, but it was finally dry and not icy or muddy.  I got a huge amount of yard work and general spring cleaning done in the takin and Aussie yards.  It felt great to be working outside for long periods of time.  The kids have been having a blast playing outside and Scout the wiener dog begs to go out every moment he's in.

Speaking of Scout, I did my first ever home dog grooming session.  The results ain't pretty, but he kept getting the long, fine hair on his feet and legs caked in mud.  One night instead of bathing him yet again, I grabbed the scissors first and chopped off all the muddy fur he'd tolerate.  I won't be offered any dog groomer positions, but the before and after difference in cleaning him is wonderful.  I think you'd have to look pretty closely to see how choppy and bad my grooming was.

We're all looking forward to a Spring Break mini vacation.  I didn't look at a calendar and didn't realize Easter fell on March 31 this year, so Gene took Friday and Monday off and we are planning to go away for a long weekend.  At the moment, our plan is to go to northern Michigan.  I'm not 100% convinced that will happen since pretty much every day in the 10 day forecast they have snow and cold temperatures.  We'll see how things look in a week.  We have boarding scheduled for Scout and Gene really wants to get out of here.  At the moment I don't have a back-up plan.

I need to zip around and do some laundry and other chores, so I guess this entry is just a check-in.

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