Friday, August 3, 2012

August? Already?

I've been a major blog slacker the past few weeks.  At work I'm busy with the tiger cubs and getting ready for the new walk-through Australia exhibit to open in less than 2 weeks.  Work-related, I've been spending most of my spare time on AAZK stuff- our Bowling for Rhinos event is tomorrow night and we're also in our final month of our "Vote for Your Favorite Animal" fundraiser.  I'm not allowed to do any AAZK work during regular work hours, so I've been going in early and/or staying late to accomplish the things that can only be done on site.  It's all stuff that's well worth the time and effort, just nothing anyone would care to hear about in detail.  I will be very relieved to have Bowling for Rhinos over and out of the way :)  Hopefully it will be successful and we'll make lots of money.  I can't help fearing that only 5 people will show up to bowl...

I've been shocked at the generous Bowling for Rhinos donations!  Many have been completely unexpected and unsolicited.  One of the gift shop workers donated a really cool zebra "tie blanket" she made, as well as a rhino plush and an afghan her sister crocheted.  I had been talking to the Lodge workers (zoo restaurant) hoping a couple of them might show up to bowl and one of them donated two movie-themed baskets full of candy, popcorn seasoning and movie passes.  They are beautiful!  I would love to win ALL of this stuff!  I asked my boss to donate a behind the scenes tour, hoping for something like "This is where the rhinos and giraffes live at night.  Have a nice rest of your zoo visit."  She instead donated a personally guided 90 MINUTE tour!  Awesome!  Other coworkers are bringing in stuff and making stuff.  We should have a really nice set-up!

Outside of work, we're keeping busy with back to school preparations.  The kids' final week of Camp Zone is next week.  That flew by!  As usual, Kaylin and I are having a blast shopping for school supplies and Logan couldn't care less.  We stopped at Office Depot last weekend and while Kaylin was carefully choosing the color of her 25 cent protractor, I noticed a bin full of utilitarian pencil cases in a rainbow of colors.  I asked Logan if he liked them and he stopped his bored twirling for a half-second's glance and said "Fine."  I asked if he wanted a different color than the one I picked up and he replied "NO! Now stop asking questions!"  Sigh.  He really doesn't care At. All.  HOW can one not get excited about a new pink eraser or a perfect box of sharp new crayons?!  Kaylin was a little annoyed that I bought packs of loose-leaf paper during a solo Wal-Mart run!  She's spending tons of time personalizing each notebook, folder and binder.  The nicest thing I could do for Logan would be to buy every item on his list, put his name on it and have it conveniently in his (years old) backpack ready by the front door on the first day of school.  I totally understand not enjoying shopping for socks or bread, but school supplies? 

Well, I'm gonna drop the kids off at camp and head out birding for a couple of hours before spending the rest of my day cleaning the house and doing some last minute Bowling for Rhinos stuff.  It should be an exciting weekend.

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