Saturday, April 21, 2012

April, come she will...

This week I learned a very interesting truth.  As I've said repeatedly, since I moved back to my old "string" at the zoo, my feet have been incredibly much better.  I'm on different substrates, I walk around a lot more rather than working in one area and even when I'm on concrete it's a different kind of work. The change combined with physical therapy has taken me from the point where I was positive I was going to need surgery and terrified I was going to have to quit the job I love, to my feet really only hurting because I've been on them all day. 

This week I was scheduled to train a part-time keeper on my previous string.  I hadn't worked it since my move ~2 months ago.  I was really excited to work with my old animals!  My feet had been feeling great and it was only for 2 days. How bad could it be? It was really bad! BOTH of my feet flared up. I have a knot in my right calf I've spent days trying to work out. I haven't had issues with my right foot for ages, but two days of the old work and it hurts.  I believe with stretching, massage and rest (and not going back to that string on Sunday) I will quickly get back to where I was Tuesday morning. I'm not at all happy that my feet hurt, but it is pretty interesting just how much working the one area affected me.  I switched strings as a last ditch effort to save my job.  I really had NO belief it would actually work!

On a completely different topic, the end of the school year is approaching.  I always dread this time of year because it's filled with seemingly non-stop concerts and picnics and obligations.  Logan's all school concert was Tuesday.  Unlike Kaylin, he hates the concerts. It was tough to do the right thing and go.  I seriously wanted to pay him $20 and skip it or even just keep him home.  I suppose it's a good lesson that sometimes we have to do things we don't like because we're part of a team, blah, blah, blah.  The concert was long and dreadful as always.  An adorable kindergartner stole the whole show by dancing during his three songs.  I guess that was pretty cute.  Ah well, only one more primary school concert, lol.  I'm also not looking forward to Kaylin's band concert in a couple of weeks, but I'm going to take my Nook and read during the never-ending orchestra time.

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