Thursday, March 17, 2011

My Feet!

While on my road trip I walked miles across zoos, walked up and down hills in behind the scenes areas, up and down stairs, miles on sandy beaches, miles on rough trails. My feet were fine the entire time. They aren't 100% perfect, but the minor amount of pain did not slow me down at all or stop me from doing anything I wanted to do. It didn't keep me up at night or wake me in the morning. I stretched often and forgot to take my anti-inflammatory every day except one.

Today I went to what I hope was my final podiatrist appointment for a very long time. I told Doc about my trip and he laughed and shook his head. He told me to be careful and not overdo anything and never stop wearing my orthotics or stop stretching and replace my shoes regularly. I was dismissed from his care with orders to call BEFORE anything gets bad. I'm not really being this optimistic, but it's possible I may not need to call him again until I need my orthotics replaced in a few years. I love the guy but I hope I don't see him again for a long, long time.

In other news, Kaylin and I took Duncan to the river for the first time yesterday. I was hoping to see some migrating white pelicans (nope) and was curious how Duncan would be around the water. He isn't trustworthy off-leash so Kaylin was getting dragged around while I looked at birds. First he rolled on a gigantic dead fish before barely sticking his toes in the water and deciding it wasn't for him. He ran around and sniffed everything, went completely inside a hollow log, but avoided the water. Avoided it until a group of geese came and started taunting him and he leapt completely in without a thought. The dog has no fear. It must be a favorite goose pastime to taunt dogs. Brady would swim out and chase honking geese until he was exhausted. I think Duncan would probably drown because he wouldn't stop chasing geese until he was dead. I'm glad he was on leash because I would not have wanted to go into the river after him!

Duncan had his first obedience class on Tuesday. I was still driving home so Gene took him. It was not successful. Duncan was distracted by every little thing. He barked at other dogs. Gene said he was one of the worst dogs in the class. Yikes! I was really excited because I got the very last spot in the class on sign up night. Sign up started at 6pm. I turned in my application at about 6:08 and the three classes were filled. I guess we'll just practice and do our best. (?)

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