Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Podiatrist Appointment

Monday morning I had a podiatrist recheck to see how the progress with my cast is going. I've been wearing it for almost seven weeks now and while the pain is significantly better, it still "exists." I'm no longer waking in the middle of the night from the pain or wishing I could leave work because of the pain, but I'm terrified that when I lose the cast the problem will flare again and be as bad as ever. The doctor basically just rolled his eyes at my fears and told me to wear the cast at work for (at least) two more weeks, but at home change to tennis shoes with my orthotics so I can start to strenghthen my foot/leg. It is weird how much the cast has weakened my foot and ankle. I'm not really sure if the "pain" I feel when the cast is off is from plantar fasciitis or just from my foot being so weak.

As I was putting the cast back on and preparing to leave the exam room, Doc popped back in and sternly warned "DO NOT start exercising on that foot!" Hahaha! The man has dealt with my personality before :) Mindreader... Truth is, I CAN'T WAIT to start exercising again. I've been such a couch potato for almost a year now, I'm looking forward to being able to walk (and maybe even run) for exercise again. It took everything I had to make it through work. Just the thought of walking from the parking lot into the Riverplex and up the stairs to an exercise bike was too much to deal with. I'm eager to start exercising again and lose my couch potato weight!

Tonight we're getting what I hope will be my new exercise partner! Sadie is a 4-yr-old chocolate Lab. Her owner is recently divorced and with his kids not around nearly as much and not enough time to devote to her, Sadie isn't very happy. I'm hoping that Sadie will happily adjust to a houseful of kids and activity and that she won't upset the cats (Simon) too much. (Tiger chases dogs. I'm not worried about him.) I think I wrote earlier that I wished a perfect dog would just fall into our laps. I don't yet know about "perfect" but this dog did just come along by chance. Oh, and we do have her on a trial basis. If she's not good with the kids and neighbor kids or destroys the entire house we get to send her back!

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